GravityBox Unlocker Apk Latest Free Download for Android Added on Jun 13, 2017

Name: GravityBox Unlocker Developer: Ceco Apps Category: Tools
Version: 3.6.2 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 669

We will be looking at the GravityBox Unlocker apk review in this post. Several apps have been developed by designers for making the lives of Android users simpler. The use of apps makes the operations of the android devices easier and simpler. The app was designed and developed by Ceco Apps.
As of now, the latest version is 3.6.2. The app can be downloaded from their website. The latest version comes with reliability improvements which have been introduced in the upcoming versions of the app. The compatibility of the older versions of the app has been preserved for the sake of some peace of mind for users who are not inclined to update.
The major advantage of using the app is that it is bound to any specific device.

Features of GravityBox Unlocker apk

Some of the features include pie controls for CyanogenMod, Desktop with is expanded, quick settings for Statusbar tile management coming with additional reordering and tiles, icon coloring for Statusbar, brightness control for Statusbar, Statusbar center clock, indicator style for your battery, navigation bar tweaks like disable LED flashing when battery low, control keys for cursor, low battery warning policy, and others.
Some of the other features include while charging disable LED, advanced menu for power-off (reboot, recovery), cursor control volume key, while screen off skip tracks by volume key long-press, music stream more volume levels, control safe headset media option volume, clearing all recent task button at once, brightness setting to minimal, level adjustment for auto brightness, tweaks for lock screen, key actions hardware/navigation, notification drawer style, and others. 
The app is a complex module and when you are running a custom ROM built from source, then you are going to miss out on some features. This is when you will want to make sure that you take the help of the developers of ROMs for implementing the features. When you are going to supplement the missing features by installing Xposed modules from custom ROM which are from the source, it is going to create problems only.
The app is a complex module and it should not be combined with other modules when you want to reach similar aims. The reason for that is that can cause serious fights and conflicts which can happen in the same play area. Not to mention you cannot say which one is going to win in that case because both are pretty good at what they do.
It is clear that the GravityBox Unlocker apk has been developed to operate at close to vanilla or vanilla Android 6 (AOSP). You may not be able to run it on other operating systems, please take note of that. The app supports all Google devices like HTC one Google play edition, Nexus, and other devices which are operating and running on the vanilla Android 6.
The app also supports OnePlus 3T which runs on the OxygenOS 3.5. With so many uses of the app, it is safe to say that this is one of the best which is available at the moment.

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