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Name: Easy DPI Changer (Root) Developer: Chornerman_Studio Category: Tools
Version: 4.2.3 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 134

The Easy DPI Changer (Root) v4.2.3 Apk is an app which was developed by Chornerman Studio. Several users have found the app to be extremely useful and have given high ratings. Using the app you can easily change the DPI without much hassle. Some of the apps might need to clear data to adapt to new DPI and they need to be rebooted sometimes.
You need to open the application and then choose the DPI from DPI picker. You need to select the SET DPI. Few DPI may take several times to boot and if you notice that it is not booting up, then your app might not be compatible. If the launcher/ keyboard is not stable then you will need to try and reset it if you can.
When you are testing the DPI you should make use of the Auto Reset option as ON. It resets the DPI to normal on reboot so that your device does not become slow or non working condition. The app cannot make multi DPI. If your ROM is able to take it up, then it is alright. You do have the option for resetting the DPI from the menu.

Features of the easy DPI changer (Root) apk

Some of the features of the Easy DPI Changer (Root) Apk include you can change and reset the DPI on non-root Android 7.0+. You can also change and reset the resolutions on your Android devices. You can change and reset the padding on your smart phones running on Android devices.
You can view the log and then check if the Wm command is available before you want to change the settings. You can also automatically reset all screen configurations on boot or wait for 20 seconds after you have changed the values. There are no advertisements which come up on your screen often.
You need to also reset your screen configuration via ADB by using ADB shell, SU, WM, density reset, and WM size reset, WM overscan reset, and then reinstall your OS. When you want to make use of a custom ROM, you can flash your old ROM to reset all the screen configurations. Some problems have come up when you install the Easy DPI Changer (Root) Apk on your Android device.
App detail:

  • App name: Easy DPI Changer
  • Updated Version: v4.2.3
  • Extension: Apk
  • Size: 1.8MB
  • Developer: Chornerman Studio
  • Language: English plus others
  • Package name: com.chornerman.easydpichanger
  • Required Os: Android 4.3 and higher

When your Android device is not getting connected to the WIFI after you have rebooted, then you should just redo it again. In the sense, you need to reboot your Android device. It should work. You need to ensure that you have completely rebooted your device at least once. You need to know that this app might not work on all the devices and hence you should make sure that you have verified that in the beginning itself.
You will need to have root access before you begin the process. Some of the languages which are supported include ca, da, fa, ja, nb, be, de, af, bg, th, zh, fi, hi, vi, sk, uk, el, nl, pl, sl, tl, am, in, ko, ro, ar, fr, hr, sr, tr, cs, es, it, lt, pt, hu, ru, zu, lv, sv, iw, sw, fr_CA, lo_LA, en_GB, et_EE, ka_GE, km_KH, zh_HK, hy_AM, zh_CN, en_IN, mn_MN, pt_BR, es_US, pt_PT, zh_TW, ms_MY.

Easy DPI Changer (Root)
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