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Name: Kung Fu Fighting Developer: Acuspunsa Category: Action
Version: 2.1 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 17

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About Kung Ful Fighting App

  • Name: kung.fu.Fighting
  • File size: 18.69MB
  • File language: English
  • File format: Apk
  • Required OS: Android
  • Official Source: Acuspunsa

 Kung Fu Fighting , The legendary fighting franchise returns with new game plot! Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy with android device Now!
In Kung Fu Fighting Game, player's character Lee is a martial artist that practices his family's Kung Fu fighting style. He enter the City to rescue him sister, Lily. In their fights, Lee learn that the Lily became the target from the criminal gangs, and decide to face him. Lee is very serious about Kung Fu and loyal to his family. He has been given discipline through his Kung Fu training by his father . He earned the nickname, “The Grandmaster of Kung Fu” due to his remarkable use of his Kung Fu fighting style. He uses the Kung Fu to fight with criminal gangs Boss.
Kung Fu Fighting Game can recall your childhood memories of arcade game ! Recorded in the history of the classic arcade game, Compared with other fighting games,Kung Fu Fighting has been designed to be played with more easily.

Kung Fu Fighting
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