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This is a really great app, one of those few advanced hacking tools which requires little or no technical knowledge to operate and which almost anyone can easily setup and use. It is very user friendly and has a simple plug and play feature and a smooth interface that you will absolutely find no trouble figuring out how to use.

Cheat Engine Apk Latest Free Download

It does practically everything that you’d expect of a highly advanced hacking application and it is compatible with almost any Android game. It allows you to tweak and modify the memory and other data related to android games. All you have to do is download the APK, install it, and open the Cheat Engine app, then you open the game you want hacked (with the Cheat Engine app still on and running in the background), then you locate the game process in the Cheat Engine list – which is a drop down menu showing a list of opened apps currently running on your device, select the process that carries the name of the game in the drop down list, and bam, you may configure the game as you like.
It is a very straightforward and uncomplicated hacking process that comes without all the ambiguous programming jargon that most other android hacking applications have. It would certainly give you exactly what you need from your favorite android games, when you need it and in the exact amount that you need it, just as it did for me. You can choose to get unlimited gold, coins, ammo, gems and many more hacks from your game of choice right from the dashboard of the Cheat Engine app and the best part is that it is all available for you to download for free.
The Cheat Engine APK supports only ARM based Android phones and tablets only, so you may want to check if your android device is ARM based before downloading it. It has the ability to connect to local or remote processes via IP, it has multiple value types for scanning, including for 1, 2, 4, 8 Bytes, Float, Double, String, Array of Byte, there’s also varieties of scan types like exact value, bigger than, smaller than, between or unknown and the values can be scanned in hexadecimal form.
It comes with an automated installer which runs on the Open Candy Software, allowing for easy download. It may, however require that you disable your anti-virus before installing or running the app to avoid losing parts of its APK files which may mistakenly get detected as a Trojan/virus. It has a highly functional, fast scan feature, can scan read-only or paged memory and features a memory viewer.
The APP is available in the latest version 6.5.2 and can be downloaded in English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Korean translations. It is my favorite android game hacking app and I would highly recommend it!

Cheat Engine
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