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Name: XUIMod Developer: xuimod Category: Tools
Version: 2.3.1 Updated: Not updated yet Downloads: 373

What Is the XUIMod Apk and The Benefits?

The XUIMod Apk is a small collection of features which are unique that are ported from other ROMs and then used by users for their requirements. Some of the features of the app include seconds in the status bar clock, battery bar, customizable color for battery percentages, Xylon transition animation, TN transition animation, AOKP animation controls, custom IME animations, custom toast animations, custom notification ticker animations, and others.
The latest version of the app is the 2.3.1 which can be downloaded for Android devices. You can download the app easily by selecting the required file and click on download XuiMod APK. You need to then select the download links for getting the APK file. It is only a few steps and once it has been downloaded, you can use the app on your android device and tablet.
The animation effect occurs when you are able to open the app which gives you the effect on your display and then opening your app. The same effect can be seen when you close the app. There are two types of animation effect which include the transition effect and the Windows effect.
How to change transition animation effect on Android phone?
Here the steps to change the transition animation effect on your Android phone. You need to make sure that you’re Android phone is rooted which is the first thing to do. You should download and install the Xposed Framework in your android device which is rooted. When you have downloaded and installed the Xposed Framework, then you need to go the Framework section and click on the Install/Update option to be able to reboot your Android device.
From here you need to download and install the XUIMod Apk. The XuiMod app can be downloaded from the Xposed Framework. You need to open the Xposed Framework and then to the download section and type XuiMod in the search box. You will be assigned to the XuiMod and when you have finished installing the XuiMod you can open Xposed Framework and then choose the module section and choose the XuiMod button.

App Detail:

  • Package name: com.zst.xposed.xuimod
  • Name: XUIMOD
  • App size: 335KB
  • Version: v2.3.1
  • Developer: Xuimod
  • Language: English (Varies on device language)
  • MD5: 145b79fd73d11421f00f7a9d10d30898
  • Required: Android Os

Note: Fixed German Translation in this version

After you have done that you should reboot your android phone. Once it is done, you need to open the XuiMod and select the ListView Animation and click on the first option named the ListView Animation. Then choose the effect you want. To do that you should choose the Translate (right) effect.
You will then have to go back to the ListView Interpolator and click on it, then choose the Decelerate effect. Go back to the home page of XuiMod and then choose System Animation and select the Animation controls. When you have enabled the option you need to choose different effects.
When you have completed doing the above mentioned steps you need to open the Window Transitions and choose the TokoRom Transition. You should go XuiMod homepage and then open IME Animations. After doing that choose the effect of IME Enter. Then choose the Exit Animation with the help of clock Mod, Notification Mod, battery Bar Mod, Lock screen Mod which can help in better performance.
You will want to download and install XUIMod Apk and then try out all the options of the app for being able to modify the appearance of your Android phone.

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